Wanderlust Indulgences: Ghana


Travels with a purpose. Tenderhearted children. Throwback to a culture that is equally unique and unforgettable.

Spending three months in Accra, Ghana was a tremendous missions trip I will never forget.

I had the opportunity to teach children basic schooling. Coming from nothing, and therefore expecting nothing, these children were tenderhearted and grateful. They knew nothing of privilege, yet their appreciation of life outmeasured many who have been given the world.

I also volunteered with children who were taken in off the streets, by the local Ghanaian family I lived with during my trip. Their heartbreaking stories quickly brushed aside my incessant need for more.

Unlike many travels, where we go to experience the sites and the people in a touristic way, this trip taught me the importance of appreciating what you have. A teaching moment that will last a lifetime.

Madam F.

Copyright © 2015 SarahFehrenbach. All Rights Reserved.


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