The Visionary and The Realist

Being married to a visionary holds a variety of possibilities that surpass the contained mind of this realist. Thinking into the future can be frightening to one who loves to create lists and set high goals.

Unlike the realist who expects to accomplish every goal, regardless of its impossible time span or nature of that goal, the visionary can focus and achieve, as well as forgive missteps.

Similar to yesterday’s post on stereotypes and titles, the individual who identifies as a “realist” is not only limiting themselves in the eyes of society, but also in their own eyes. Fear of not being enough, which is according to their own standards, consumes them. These flawed standards are a perfectionist, almost Utopian, mindset that will produce disappointment and dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, the individual who identifies with being a “visionary” possesses a limitless identity. This outlook will lead not only to accomplished goals but will also guarantee a confident embrace of human error.

In stating this, consider who you want to be. Personally, the visionary seems more appealing.

Madam F.

Copyright © 2015 SarahFehrenbach. All Rights Reserved.


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