Stereotypes and Society

A couple weeks ago, my brother-in-law and I were talking on this subject. That conversation sparked this thought. With the sweeping declarations of titles, consider the following post.

Society has saddled individuals with traits and ideals that
have stereotypically evolved with the passing of time. However, unlike
this progression of time, stereotypes have remained static.

Men and women claim titles, based on their beliefs and desires,
personal experiences and life in general. However, many fail to
realize that they are limiting themselves to a stereotype associated
with that title.

These individuals place a limitation on themselves by claiming a title that society is expecting them to fulfill.
This includes those who claim their individuality and say they couldn’t care less about what society will say. Regardless of the “hipster mindset” you attempt to uphold, society will view you through its jaded perspective.

Why would you limit yourself to a title of presupposed stereotypes when you can embrace who God created you to be?

Madam F

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