Our Journey Awaits


A journey, adventure and a puzzle characterize marriage and/or being in a relationship. These three titles hold a similar undertone: New. Unfortunately, the monotony of life chips away the newness of a relationship. The mystery of it all fades as habits and personalities become second nature between you and your spouse/significant other.

Regardless of this truth, the newness of experiences does not necessarily have to wear off with years together.

In order to experience new things, you as the couple have to create limitless possibilities for yourselves.

A part from the standard venue of a date night, consider ideas that are out of the ordinary. The possibilities are endless, regardless of the size of your bank account.

Reasons You Should Do This

  • New Experiences – Whom else would you rather gain new experiences with than your spouse/significant other?
  • Mastery of Saving Money – When thinking outside of the box, new adventures might cost more than dinner and a movie. However, the result will be worth it!
  • Grow Closer to Each other – How can you not grow closer together when experiencing something like the running of the bulls or riding a subway for the first time? Imagine the stories you will have and the sites you will see!
  • Turn Your “Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve” to “We did it!” – Whoever said creating goals was a solo effort? As a couple, you will turn your wants and desires for adventure into reality.

Things Holding You Back

  • Budget Costs – For some, date nights and bucket list items may be out of your price range. But do not allow this to hamper future expeditions. Instead of wasting money on the usual things of the present, save up!
  • Time Frames – As with budget costs, your time frame may not allow for some date ideas and bucket list items. Plan! (Even if it is 10yrs in advance.) The anticipation will make the “date” even more special for you are your love.
  • Impossible Expectations – The hazard with creating lists can sometimes be overwhelming. Be realistic when you are thinking out-of-the-box. If it is your lifelong goal to travel to the moon ($155 million round trip), then you might need to consider your income, and so on.

“Let the Fates Decide” (Date Jar)


My sister in law and her husband gave me the idea to pick dates from a “Date Jar”. This nifty plan changes up their dates, as well as ensuring the anticipation for new experiences.

“The Zealous Planner” (Lists)


Making bucket and date lists are perfect for the individual/couple who loves organization. If you fancy bullet points, then creating checklists is the perfect formula for you to try out. Unexpected experiences can still happen for the detail-oriented planner.

“The Artist” (Creative Monthly Dates)


Putting in the effort will guarantee the accomplished result. Imagine beyond the ordinary pen and paper and utilize different components. This will make the finished product appealing to the eye and will display your creativity. Consider the success of Marshall and Lily’s betting box on the tv show, How I Met Your Mother. Their wagers (both ridiculous and genius) spiced up their marriage.

“The Goal-Oriented” (Deadline/Plan)


The Deadline Approach is perfect for the individual/couple who have difficulty with finishing things. Setting a deadline will put the fire under you to experience new things that you have wanted to do as a couple but have not done in the past.

If you run out of ideas, here are some great resources:



Your journey is waiting.

Madam F.

Copyright © 2015 SarahFehrenbach. All Rights Reserved.

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