Give it Time


“Give it time” is an unknown concept in the busy society we find ourselves in. Deadlines and schedules, alarm clocks and the amount of hours in a day; these offenders and more are important to keep and to consider, but, at what cost?

When we allow “I am so busy” or “I don’t have enough time…” to cloud our lives and push out all that is important, we risk losing the essence of who we are.

Our relationship with God is not something that can be fully nourished and nurtured by a once a week Sunday service. It requires those daily moments of communication and listening. Worshipping and praising Him, inwardly and outwardly. Don’t mistake this as God needing us. He is the Creator of the universe! He doesn’t need anyone. We need Him. And He chose you and me; an honor that should be held in highest regard.

Further consider this; the dreams and callings God is placing on your heart. A call to the mission field or to write a book. A dream to speak to nations or to talk with your coworkers about Christ. Whatever it may be, we cannot rush God and His timing. Despite our invincible mindsets and go-getter attitudes, we are incapable of speeding up the timing on things that only God can bring about. Thank goodness we are unable to move the clock hands around, like the man in the above photo!

Giving it time is not up to us, nor is it determined by us. However, it is something we can choose to accept. An attitude of the heart that trusts in God’s promises. His promises that He never forgets.

Remember this, when you want to rush His plan, Give it Time.

Madam F.

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