Blood for Blood: Book Review


Blood for Blood is the story of a vampire named Raven, who falls in love with the daughter of an evangelist. His longing for her competes with Jesus’ longing for his soul. It is a powerful story, summed up wisely in its given title.

Blood for Blood causes the reader to wonder about the extent of Jesus’ blood and its power. Could this really happen? This question created an intrigue to dive into reading. From the prologue to the end, I could not put the book down. Characters of Italian heritage, placed in an Old Western era, created a nice paradox.

I enjoyed the contrast to the usual world of vampires. Nothing like Twilight and certainly nothing like Underworld. This unique book is one in its own right.

Bottom Line: Fans of vampires and fantasy, Christian or secular, should read this book. It is an action-packed tale of love, surrender and freedom.

Madam F.

Copyright © 2015 SarahFehrenbach. All Rights Reserved.

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