New Year’s Revolutions

The meaning of New Year’s resolutions has been reinvented in the best possible way by my home church, C3. They encourage you to to look at your 2015 resolutions as 2015 REVOLUTIONS for your individual Christian faith. Go beyond the usual self-obsessed resolutions and imagine the miraculous that God can perform in an instant.

Their first week, “Shredder Weekend”, focused on shredding (literal shredder machines) things that you would like to hand over for good to God. It could range from medical diagnoses and bills, heart ache and betrayal; anything that hampers your relationship with God.

It was an interesting process of the flesh and spirit, where both warred on what should be shredded. On certain topics, such as getting healthy and financial matters, I had no issue with handing it over. However, with matters of the heart – forgiveness, bitterness and guilt – I felt a deep pull to hold onto these. As if these memories of pain and angst were protecting, even assisting me. I believed these things were no big deal. I even convinced myself that I was handling it.

Pastor Jurgen stated this mindset perfectly: We are believing that these things we are dealing with or wanting have a stronger power than the God who created the universe; the One who is sovereign. *Mind blown* A simple truth but one that is easily clouded by the facts of this world. Allow yourself to hand over the facts of diagnoses and betrayed friendships and believe in the truth of God’s promises, where He can heal and mend.

“Believe in the ridiculous so that God can do the miraculous.” ~ Jurgen Matthesius

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