The Best of the Best: Coffee Shops for Everybody


Coffee, coffee and more coffee!

The following are eight coffee shops in the San Diego County that have proven to be the best of the best.

1. The Best Eclectic Café: Café Bassam>Banker’s Hill<

An assortment of antiques and knickknacks await you in this café of sorts. Café Bassam is the perfect choice for coffee and tea drinkers alike. Enjoy the array of items covering the walls and allow your minds to wander in this place of imagination and originality.
2. The Best Writer’s Haven: Upstart Crow Bookstore and Coffeehouse >Seaport Village<

Shakespeare and J.K. Rowling, Homer and Jane Austen, and others, fill the walls of the Upstart Crow Bookstore & Coffeehouse. These pioneers of creativity ensure an unstifled imagination. Don’t wait! The great minds of literature anticipate your arrival.
3. The Best Latte Art: Lofty Coffee Co. >Encinitas<

Tulips and hearts grace the latte cups, served by the talented team of baristas at Lofty Coffee Co. This coffee shop presents quality and artistry in every food and beverage served. This fun environment is ideal for the family and individual, writer and surfer.
4. The Best Coffee Brew: Donut Bar >Downtown San Diego<

The Donut Bar has revamped the usual coffee and donuts. Hands down, Stumptown coffee conquers all coffee rivals with its rich and savory flavor. To add to the greatness of this place, unique donut options (vegan, too) are served and change daily. Say goodbye to a boring breakfast!
5. The Best Iced Coffee: Clair de Lune Coffee Lounge >North Park<

The art of creating iced coffee satisfying to your palate is a difficult task. The coffee strength, amount of sweetener (or lack of), brewing time and so on, determine the success of this tricky beverage. Clair de Lune Coffee Lounge has outshone other coffee shops/houses with its wonderfully crafted iced coffee. Savory notes of caffeine deliciousness quench your thirst in every sip. NOTE: If you’re not a fan of sweet, like me, ask for it to be unsweetened. It tastes great!
6. The Best Reader’s Paradise: Barnes and Noble >Specifically Mira Mesa<


Unlike any library or bookshop, Barnes and Noble invites the reader into an environment of fandom and reader devotees. Wall to wall shelves of books and catalogues, cafés providing items to satisfy even the fussiest appetite, await both novice and regular. After visiting several locations in San Diego County, the Mira Mesa Barnes and Noble café has proven the best. Its customer service and large variety of books make this location the best reader’s paradise.
7. The Best Seating: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf >Specifically Carmel Mountain<

Many have experienced the irritating incident of walking into a coffee shop/house and seeing every seat taken. CBTL offers a variety of seating options for its patrons. Bear in mind, this fact does depend on time of day and location. In my opinion, the Carmel Mountain Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf proved to be the best. Its outdoor and indoor seating are ideal for the sunshine and enthusiast and air conditioning fans.
8. The Best Wi-fi: Starbucks >Specifically Mira Mesa<

Its vision and coffee, multiple locations and quality are some well-known qualities of Starbucks. However, one lesser known feature is its excellent Wi-Fi service. Unlike other coffee shops/houses, the amount of people using the internet does not determine the connection speed. Again, this bonus could depend on the location. In my experience, the Mira Mesa Starbucks location provides optimal Wi-Fi. Word to the wise, this is a busy location-try to arrive  at non-peak hours to obtain a great spot.

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