What Disney & Mom Never Told You About Planning a Trip

Disney movies and moms have worked together, for one cause in children’s lives: to dream and live.

A goal of exploration and living that will open eyes and minds to a world of possibilities.

In stating this, the subject of travel, as with many things in life, goes beyond dreaming and planning. You have to consider the ins and outs that will result in an affordably smart adventure.


Online travel agencies provide an affordable option to adventurers of all incomes and lifestyles. Its easy to use system makes you aware of money-saving techniques and unique deals. Listed below, are some agencies that uphold the importance of saving money and living a full life.

Travelocity is by far my favorite agency to go through. Its offer to “book now pay later”, “free cancellation” option and tasteful website make the research and booking process stress-free.

Hotels.com has proven itself in its excellent deals. If you are someone who prefers numbers to stars for guest ratings, this website is for you. Its straightforward appearance may be harsh for some in its red and white hues; however, this same approach keeps you on task to finding great deals.

Expedia goes one step further. Not only is this agency easy to navigate, but also offers lower deals than Travelocity. My favorite feature of this website is the homepage picture. Some type of adventure is captioned for you to imagine yourself there, inviting you in.


Dreaming about the place or places you wish to travel will open your eyes to a world of possibilities and exploration. Whether you are a planner or a “from the seat of your pants” individual, use your imagination. The sky is the limit.


Destination is only part of the decision to be made in taking a trip. Timing is crucial in more ways than one. Consider when off-season is, the time of year you wish to travel and how long you would like to visit.

Another thing to keep in mind is when you research and book. Typically, Thursday through Monday will feature offers that are $100 or more than offers presented on Tuesday and Wednesday. For example, when I researched my round trip plane ticket to Africa through Travelocity, on a Monday, it was over $1000. However, on Tuesday, the price decreased to $900.


Travelers hold differing views of what they value in a trip. Reading views on accommodations and other travel necessities is a good practice. However, weigh the negatives and positives. Some negative comments may be petty, while others might be cause for concern.


>Review the Amenities.
Do not speed past the fine print, when looking at hotels and other travel accommodations. See what your room will include and does not include. Unfortunately, I did not follow this tip when I visited San Francisco, last winter. The hotel did not provide a robe, which was a huge disappointment in a freezing room. Moral of the story: READ THE FINE PRINT!

>Is Parking Included?
Depending on the location and accommodation, parking may be included. On the other hand, some hotels and other lodgings require parking fees or do not offer parking of any kind. Further, do not be afraid to ask about valet. Many hotels offer this as a complimentary service to its guests.

>Are all Fees Included in the Final Price?
When purchasing your trip, confirm that all fees are covered in your final price. Some agencies will include everything, when some will not cover a resort fee, parking fee and so on.


The old bait-and-switch is an unpleasant device, commonly used in present day consumerism. Hotels, Airlines and online Travel Agencies have been known to use this technique by keeping track of browser history.

The attorney, Robert M. Weiss states: “With this enhanced technology, online companies have the potential power to use an unprecedented amount of consumer information in tailoring their pricing strategies.”

By deleting browser history, you will ensure fair prices that are solely based on true offers.


It’s always best to be prepared. Listed below, are some travel hacks that will save money and ensure a wonderful experience.

>Bring Your Own Sheets and Pillows.
You have heard the horror stories of hotel cleaning, or should I say, lack thereof. “The hotel pictures looked great online.” “It received good reviews.” These and other statements have been said after seeing the real condition of the place you will be staying at. Regardless of your repulsion to a room, most accommodations will refuse to refund the room. Instead of footing the bill for a room you do not sleep in, bring your own sheets and pillows. This will guarantee comfort and prevent bed bugs.

>Bring Your Own Breakfast.
Avoid the temptation of continental breakfast pastries and cost. Bring your own breakfast and enjoy lunch and dinner out on the town.

Why waste money on drinks in restaurants and hotel mini bars when you can save by bringing your own, favorite beverages? Stocking up for road trips is the perfect solution to having your drink of choice at an affordable price.

Go travel, explore and learn. Life awaits you.


Madam F.

Copyright © 2014 SarahHardy. All Rights Reserved.

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