Autumn: A Season of New Beginnings



With the month of August almost gone, the anticipation for autumn is increasing. Boots and scarves, cooler temperatures and holidays, these long-awaited features fuel the excitement for a new season. Out of the four, autumn is by far, my favorite. The changing leaves and chilly weather signify childhood memories of holidays and joy.


I fondly look back on the times when I purchased new school supplies. During my childhood, our family lived a frugal lifestyle. Shopping was not a common ordeal. Thus, when the beginning of school approached, I was eager to shop; even for school supplies.


Costumes and presents await me in the month of October. Having your birthday a week prior to Halloween certainly has its advantages. Gifts and candy: what more could a kid ask for? Moreover, Nightmare before Christmas (FAVORITE MOVIE EVER) is in full swing in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride. This of course is even more reason to love the month of October.


Races and thanksgiving, the sharing of family recipes and shopping are some of the anticipated highlights in the month of November. An often forgotten month, due to the hype of Christmas, November is a notable time of thankfulness. Without gratitude, life would be a dull existence, void of joy and appreciation.

1601047_10203615281769691_1019722936_nDecember will forever stand as my favorite month of the year. A month of snow (or rain, if you live in California) and Christmas, festivities and traditions, holds a greater significance to my husband and me. This year will celebrate our one year anniversary. I look forward to many more years with my companion and love.


Happy Autumn!

Madam F.


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