Ransom at the Ritz: Chapter 10

It was satisfying to see the reactions of the group. Dahlia and London were frozen. Their mouths formed into a perfect “O”. Aspen gripped Jace’s shoulder. The latter shook off his grasp. Gray gently nodded his head in amazement, a slight smile on his lips. Jace’s expression twisted into anger and surprise. Rowe was happy to see that her bold move caught Jace off guard. However, his usual smirk soon replaced his shock.

“You can’t do it Rowena. You are weak”, Jace challenged. Rowe opened her mouth to retaliate. However, a movement to her right distracted her. Gavin fell forward. His sprawled body twitched before her eyes. It was sickening. She had witnessed dead bodies in the past. However, Rowe had never seen the dying process. Blood pooled from Gavin’s side.

Rowe bit her lip. Her previous notion of using Gavin’s life for her own gain angered her. What had she become? He saved her life. Rowe owed Gavin hers. She held Jace’s gaze. “Jace, he’s dying”, Rowe stated. His expression faltered. “Let us end this. Gavin’s life is worth more than your games and this”, she motioned between the two of them. Jace eyed her critically. Neither speaking nor moving.

She knelt beside Gavin. “Gavin”, Rowe whispered. He did not answer. She tried to roll him over. However, he was too heavy.

London knelt down, opposite Rowe. Rowe aimed her gun at London. “It’s alright”, London assured. “I want to help.” Both women rolled Gavin over. A dark, red stain colored his right side. London covered her mouth. “He’s not going to die, is he”, London asked. Tears fell down her face. “Gavin I’m sorry,” London cried. “When Gavin attacked me, I found his handgun. I had to defend myself. He was going to kill me”, London confessed.

“This is not your fault. It is Rowena’s”, Jace accused. He walked toward London and Rowe. Aspen stayed by the roof ledge. His back towards them shook with what Rowe assumed were sobs. Gray followed Jace at a distance.

Jace handed his gun to Dahlia. She trained it on Rowe. “All of these unnecessary deaths, Rowena. How awful you must feel”, Jace chided. He cupped his hand under her shoulder. Jace pulled her up to face him. “Enough darling. Before anyone else dies.”


Copyright © 2014 SarahHardy. All Rights Reserved.


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