10 Tips to Get Your Beauty Sleep: August Beauty Month

Beauty sleep, an adage of old, upholds that when one receives the adequate amount of rest, one will increase in beauty. A simple action, publicized in media and literature, fitness and beauty gurus, is possible.  However, beauty sleep is difficult at times. Unsuspecting culprits parade around, making it impossible to sleep.

Follow these ten tips and you will be on your way to beauty sleep.

  1. Say No to that Midnight Snack
    1. Your entire body requires rest. Late night eating can overwork and upset your stomach. In addition, certain foods may cause nightmares. These unpleasant dreams hinder the sleeper from entering the necessary REM cycle.
  2. Free Yourself of Electronics
    1. Television and computers, phones and other electronics with bright screens will alert your mind for hours. Avoid these sneaky offenders up to three hours prior to bedtime.
  3. Exercise
    1. The intensity of your exercise routine should be dependent on the time of day you work out. Some individuals have trouble with sleep when they exercise at a high intensity, prior to bedtime. Light exercise may be the best option! It will make you tired enough to sleep without interruption.
  4. Healthy Eating
    1. A healthy diet affects EVERY area in your life. This of course includes your sleep. Poor diet leads to indigestion (and other issues).
  5. Wash your Face
    1. Removing the grime of the day will prep your face for restoration. Allow your pores to breathe. Your skin will thank you.
  6. Silk
    1. The tightly woven fibers of silk are an all-inclusive benefit to the sleeper. Its formula retains moisture in the skin, dispelling dry skin. Further, its slippery surface allows your hair to slide, lessening breakage and knots. Silk eye masks and silk pillowcases will be kind to your hair and face.
  7. Meditation
    1. Yoga offers a variety of poses that induce immediate relaxation and peace. YouTube, Google and Health magazines feature simple positions that will guide you toward beauty sleep.
  8. Non-active activities
    1. Reading and other activities that require nothing other than slight movement or thinking are perfect for relaxing your busy mind.
  9. Sleep in Darkness
    1. An environment, void of light will prime your mind and body for rest. If you cannot sleep in darkness, a nightlight should not disrupt your sleep.
  10. Overnight Spa Treatment
    1. Treat your cuticles and skin, feet and face to an overnight spa treatment. Disregard the fact that you might look frightening! Imagine how lovely you will feel and look after beauty sleep.

Madam F.


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