4 Unique Strategies to Mask Sleep Deprivation: August Beauty Month

Sleep deprivation does not play favorites. Nightly regimens and healthy lifestyles, white noise and other attempts to block out interrupters will not always prevail against this foe.
However, there are strategies to assist you when beauty sleep is a pipe dream.
Before you admit defeat and consume a dozen cups of coffees, try the following ways.

1. H2O
a. The importance of water is a repeated topic in many circles. As expected, H2O is vital in the reversal of fatigue.
i. Before your morning cup of coffee, drink water. An eight-ounce glass should suffice. This accelerates the restoration process of your sleep-deprived body.
ii. The moment you wake, splash cold water on your face, in order to constrict the blood vessels. This will ease the flushed cheeks, another tell of exhaustion.
2. Eye Drops
a. A part from its common use by lens wearers, over the counter eye drops is useful. A combatant against red and itchy eyes will remedy these annoying signs of tiredness.
3. Coconut Oil
a. Coconut oil is a well-known household name. It stands as a friend to the chef, a fighter against brittle cuticles and dry skin, an elixir to tresses and reparation to skin. Dark circles are a nasty predator that does not disappear with ease. Applying coconut oil to the skin below your eye will replenish and lighten your eyes dramatically.
4. Moisturizer
a. After a restless night, your skin will look the worse for wear. Moisturizer is the kindest beauty product you can apply. Use a moisturizer that contains humectants, occlusive and emollient ingredients. These components create a barrier on the skin.

Follow these tips and you will be on your way to beating sleep deprivation.

Madam F.


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