Sprouts, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods


These three health food stores offer organic options, non-GMO foods and a higher chance to live a healthy life. Regardless of your wallet size or eating style, each venue will appeal to any crowd.

An arrangement of non-GMO and organic foods are offered to the patrons of Sprouts. It’s excellent deals are perfect for the fitness guru and novice.
I enjoy shopping here all year long. However, summer is the best time. Its fruits and vegetables guarantee freshness and variety for any party or barbecue you throw during the warm season.

Trader Joes.
A compilation of environmentally friendly and healthy products are offered at Trader Joe’s. The devoted shoppers of this organic expo are never dissatisfied with its customer service and quality foods.
This is my store of choice for healthier options of junk food that will not break the bank. Their quinoa and black bean chips are a wonderful treat on cheat days.

Whole Foods.
As the Disneyland of healthy food, Whole Foods is an extravaganza to the health conscious. Style and finesse are seen in it’s collection of specialty cuisine. The quality products kindly mask the high prices. Its fresh sandwiches are perfect for picnics and beach time endeavors.

There you have it!


Photo Credit: http://cortlandproduce.com


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