An American’s Guide to Riding a Tro-Tro in Ghana

Ghana presents new opportunities to the tourist and Ghanaian alike. It’s historic sites and ethnic cuisine, the Azonto and markets; these and more make Ghana a melting pot of adventure.

One venture in particular may not be glamorous, however, necessary. Whether you reside or are visiting, Ghana offers a variety of transporting options. Disregard the normal options and try a unique alternative.

The tro-tro is a minivan of sorts. It is faster than a bus and more affordable than a taxi. Don’t let appearances fool you. These mini transports are safe and effective.

Here are 4 tips that will enable you to have a successful tro-tro experience.

1) Know where you are headed.
As with any other transportation, know where you want to go. Ghanaians are incredibly kind. Feel free to ask around. They will happily guide you to the correct tro-tro stop.

2) Keep small change with you.
Another benefit of the tro-tro is it’s reasonable price. Having small change will make the transaction easier. The conductor, who is usually called “mate” will collect the money at the beginning of the trip.

3) Keep alert.
This is important! The conductor (mate) will shout out the destinations as they arrive at them. In order to not miss your stop, I advise you to keep alert.

4) Have fun.
This is an amazing experience that many do not know about. It is a time to become acquainted with your fellow passengers. A chance to witness sites from the eye of the Ghanaians.

It will be an exhilarating moment that you will never forget.

Good luck!


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