Ransom at the Ritz: Chapter 1

Rowe hurried through a throng of umbrellas and coats. The sudden downpour made her nervous. A time she would rather forget resembled this moment. It was a stormy day of escaping danger and loss. In Rowe’s flight, she abandoned the connection to her life of then. Even though she was free, Rowe felt imprisoned.

His possessive love, unveiled at the cost of a life, haunted her even now. Terrifying images of the past swam before her in the rain. Rowe’s fright quickened her steps. Even after five years, she felt unsafe away from home. The Ritz-Carlton was a residence of splendor and beauty. Rowe believed it a miracle she found this place the day she escaped.

A stout door attendant stood in the rain. Umbrella held aloft, Oisin’s warm smile lifted her spirits. Rowe linked her arm with his. “Lovely day lass”, Oisin commented in his Irish brogue. She smirked. He knew Rowe hated rainy days. “I could not agree more” she quipped. With a twinkle in his eye, Oisin chuckled. Rowe was grateful she met Oisin on the day of moving in. His carefree personality bonded their camaraderie. Oisin never meddled nor expected. He was simply a friend. “Let’s get you inside, lass, before you freeze.”

An empty front desk greeted their entry. “Where is everyone”, Rowe questioned in surprise. “It’s the weather; Americans can’t handle the rain. I was talking to the concierge about this the other day. You Americans are particular about your sunshine.” Oisin chuckled.

A tall figure caught Rowe’s eye. Recognition immobilized her. Rowe heard and saw nothing but him. There he was, leaning against the Lounge piano, a scotch in hand. Rowe tightened her grip on Oisin’s arm. “Are you ok, lass”, Oisin questioned in concern. She barely registered Oisin’s question. Those cold eyes bore into her. Speculations of why he was there raced about. One truth screamed in Rowe’s mind. Jace found her.

Copyright © 2014 SarahHardy. All Rights Reserved.



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