Cover Songs: The Best and Worst

Cover songs are a sensitive subject in the music world. Musician or singer, tone-deaf or listener, many have a distinct opinion for this type of composition. It can be a source of agony in its distortion of talented musicians and their work. Or, it may be refreshing to discover alternative ways your favorite song can be performed.

For kicks, here is a list of the best and worst cover songs performed by a wide variety of musical artists.

The Best:

  1. Everybody Wants to Rule the World: Lorde (Tears for Fears)  
  2. Skinny Love: Birdy (Bon Iver)                                                        
  3. Can’t Help Falling in Love with You: Ingrid Michaelson (Elvis Presley)  
  4. White Winter Hymnal: Birdy (Fleet Foxes)                            
  5. Let it Go: Brian Hull (Idina Menzel)                                        

The Worst:

  1. You Shook Me all Night Long: Celine Dion feat. Anastacia (AC/DC)  
  2. Sweet Child O’ Mine: Sheryl Crow (Guns N’ Roses)              
  3. Hello Goodbye: Jonas Brothers (The Beatles)                                                            
  4. My Generation: Hilary Duff (The Who)                                                              
  5. Let it Be: Justin Bieber (The Beatles)                                    




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