Races by the Numbers



Humanity has responded to striving for fitness and helping out their fellow-man. The increasing popularity of running races has assembled the competitive and humanitarian, couch potato and professional into one arena. This gathering has influenced thousands since its beginning.

Through time and innovation, races have grown by incorporating further angles that inspire more to take part. Tough mudders and color runs, night races and costume runs, each engaging different individuals of any athletic degree.

Here is a list of races that will satisfy the philanthropist, young at heart and/or competitor in each of us:

  1. Father Joe’s Villages Thanksgiving Day 5K: Balboa Park San Diego, CA-Thanksgiving Day. What better way to start off your Thanksgiving day then by running a race for the benefit of the Father Joe’s Villages? This race offers a great chance for friends and families of all ages to come together and raise support for our fellow-man.
  2. Color Run – The Happiest 5k on the Planet!: San Diego, CA (And many other locations!)-Varied dates. The name alone should get you excited. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the happiest 5k on the planet? Compiled with laughter and paint, music and memories, this race gives you the opportunity to be any color you wish to be. This unforgettable race will have you registering for more color fun in the future.
  3. Safari Park Half Marathon and 10k RunEscondido/San Diego Zoo Safari Park, CA-May. Here is your chance to run alongside the African plains and its inhabitants. This race offers a wonderful distraction of animal views and exotic wildlife around you.
  4. Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend: Anaheim, CA-Labor Day Weekend. Imagine an entire weekend of fun runs and 10ks, Dumbo Double Dares and half marathons in the happiest place on earth. This race weekend guarantees a memorable time of fitness and Disney, neatly wrapped up in a bow.
  5. Carlsbad Marathon and Half Marathon: Carlsbad, CA-Winter Season. The Carlsbad Marathon and Half Marathon offer the perfect reason to train through the fall and winter months, as well as, keeping at bay the extra Christmas cookie calories.
  6. Rock’n’Roll Marathon: San Diego, CA-Summer Season. Known as the “Epic Summer Run”, the Rock’n’Roll Marathon attracts runners from all over the globe. Dressing up is part of the fun, as you are immersed into a world of running that you have never experienced before.

Take your pick and have fun racing!



Photo Credit: http://healthybeautymag.blogspot.com/2013/08/how-to-recover-from-marathon-in-record.html


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