10 Reasons Southern California is for Everyone

Photo (46) Southern California offers the ideal fusion of entertainment and memories. The rich history, modern way of living and visionary production presents a glimpse into its past, present and future. Comprised of a unique variety of cultures, this envied state is enticing to all ages. Here are ten reasons Southern California is the perfect place to be.

  1. The Beach Lover
    1. Southern California is widely known for its beautiful beaches. For the individual who loves to see sea life in its natural habitat, Laguna is the place to visit. For the beach goer who enjoys a place with a vivid past, Coronado, home to the famous Hotel Del, is the perfect combination of past, present and future. If you want to experience a world of varying entertainment and great people watching, Santa Monica and Venice Beach are the places to be!
  2. The Kid at Heart
    1. In this crazy world of adulthood, a day of acting like a kid is necessary. Disneyland is the perfect opportunity to dress up, sing along and be entertained by the mouse that started it all.
  3. The Film Lover
    1. A combination of film and amusement park, Universal Studios offers the perfect option for those who love the big screen and rides.
  4. The Crazed for Stardom
    1. From the Hollywood Walk of Fame to Beverly Hills, these iconic sites can be found in Hollywood and in the Los Angeles area. Make sure to check out Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum. You may see your favorite celebrity in person.
  5. The Adventurous
    1. Rock climbing and hiking, nature walks and wild life; Joshua Tree presents a wide range of adventure and appreciation for nature in its natural beauty.
  6. The Vacationer
    1. From golfing to swimming, tanning and relaxing, Palm Springs is everything a vacationer longs for during their retreat.
  7. The Culture Savant
    1. If you adore the opera or ballet, museums and musicals, Southern California offers a wide variety of refinement to all ages, at its many venues. Be sure to check out the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood and the San Diego Opera for your favorite shows.
  8. The Voyager
    1. Seaport Village is the ideal location for the sea lover. From its rows of yachts and boats, to its breathtaking views and shopping, Seaport Village is the place to be. Check out and enjoy the delicious seafood offered at the San Diego Pier Cafe.
  9. Locally Grown Enthusiast
    1. A wonderful way to support your local farmers is to visit the large supply of Farmers Markets. Fresh fruits and vegetables, organically grown, at the right price, you can’t find quality like this in a grocery store. Check out Little Italy! It is the perfect location for the locally grown enthusiast.
  10. The Animal Lover
    1. To those who love seeing animals in their natural habitats, unharmed by humankind, you must visit the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Lions and tigers, cheetahs and gorillas, these and many others are nurtured and protected.

photo 3 (9)Madam F

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