Putting an End to Nightmares

From a young age, these alternate realities have disrupted our REM cycles by bringing to life, panicked thoughts, terrified moments and deepest fears. During these attacks on our mind, the attempt to separate reality from our bad dream can be difficult but not impossible. With the correct tools and practice, you can be on your way to avoiding future nightmares.

Four common triggers: Stress, Bedtime Snacks, Caffeine and Sleep Deprivation

Stress. An assailant of bills and decisions, stress intrudes upon these intended moments of tranquility with haunting reminders.

Bedtime snacks. A common trigger for some, primarily junk food has proven to welcome an onslaught of unpleasant dreams.

Caffeine. Notorious for remaining in the body up to twelve hours, caffeine stimulates the recesses of the mind, disallowing the entire body to shut down during sleep.

Sleep Deprivation. Ironically enough in this case, nightmares act as an indication to sleep deprivation. The nature of the nightmare could display the harmful results of the deficiency on the body if the sleeper does not get more sleep.

Four methods: Acting, Healthy Living, Prayer and Consistency.

Acting. Here is your chance to use your creativity! This treatment also known as, Imagery Rehearsal Treatment, allows the individual to rehearse how they would like the nightmare to transpire. This prepares the mind for a different result when the nightmare reoccurs.

Healthy Living. The dynamic duo of exercise and eating right produces positive results. The mass release of endorphins and healthy eating cleanses the body and calms the sleeper.

Prayer. As your heavenly Father, God cares for every detail. Praying for relief from unpleasant dreams will replace the chaos with supernatural peace.

Consistency. Following a sleep-wake schedule will promise your body consistency in the times of going to bed and waking up. This technique lessens the likelihood of your REM cycle being interrupted.



Photo Credit: http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/keep-calm-it-s-sleeping-time-2/




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