A Swimming Kick


swim laps

Running and spinning, yoga and strength training, a collective assortment of exercise at your finger tips. Pursuing an exercise routine can seem overwhelming, as you attempt to find one with the best results.

After trying these and other workouts, I have reaped multiple benefits: strength, endurance, hope and an overcoming mindset.

However, on this journey, I have struggled with boredom in doing the same exercise(s) for a length of time.

Thus, I have once again changed it up!

Despite my lack of interest in swimming, I have immersed myself into this activity and the results have surprised me.

  • You feel like a mermaid!
  • Being a full-body workout, swimming offers a well-rounded option on days when I do not have time to work other parts of my body.
  • Running and spinning have proven effective in the release of endorphins. However, swimming has demonstrated an instant unleashing the moment you begin the exercise.
  • Refreshing and rejuvenating, swimming is a pleasant option under the beating summer heat.
  • The feeling of propelling myself through water removes distractions and allows me to focus.

Photo Credit: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/553731716655413188/



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