Nail Polish: A Love & Hate Relationship


Nail Polish, a fashion icon upheld by the Jane Does of time continues to make its debut with the changing of seasons.

Innovation and creativity have increased an influx of multiple designs, colors, DIY projects and patterns.

With this beauty item, some maintenance is required to ward off irritants experienced by those who love to paint.

Here are some helpful tips that have increased the longevity of nail polish art and paint.

Nail Polish Remover.

Choosing the right nail polish remover will prepare your nails for lasting longer and looking beautiful. Presently, I am using Up & Up Strengthening Nail Polish Remover and am happy with the lesser time it takes to remove previous nail polish, as well as its formula that strengthens my nails.

Side Tip: After removing previous nail polish, wash your hands and rub a small amount of coconut oil around the nails. After a few minutes wash off and your nails are ready for painting. This has proven to soften my cuticles and lessen the chance of thick nail polish strokes.

Name Brand.

Name brand does mean something in the nail polish world. Brands such as OPI and Essie have proven sturdier in less chipping than the NYC brand and other low-priced nail polishes.

Side Tip: When painting your nails, try to use a minimal amount of nail polish per stroke on every nail. The thinner the lines, the lesser chance of bubbles and streaks to appear.

Top Coat.

When you choose the correct Top Coat, it can be the elixir of nail polish life. Currently, I am using Extra Life No Chip Top Coat by Revlon. It has proven best in its finished look.

Side Tip: As with nail polish, use a minimal amount of top coat to coat your nail in order to prevent bubbles and streaks.


Here is your chance to kick up your feet and rest. Patience is key in allowing your work of art to dry completely. Relax.

Side Tip: You could use this time to try out that new oatmeal mask (make sure to prep beforehand to avoid nail polish mess-ups), answer emails or read a book. Allow yourself to enjoy these few moments of non-movement.

Drying Methods.

There are several methods that have reaped successful results in speeding up the drying time of nail polish.

  • Blow dryer – Use the coolest setting of your blow dryer and blast your nails with the cold air.
  • Freezer – Stick your hands in the freezer for a couple minutes.
  • Ice water – After painting, place your nails in the water for 2-3 minutes.
  • Cooking spray – Lightly spray the cooking spray on your wet nails and allow it to sit for one to two minutes. Then wash the oil off your hands.

Side Tip: These drying tips have been successful but I still advise you to take some care with your nails until they are fully dry.

Now you are ready for perfect nails! Allow inspiration and even Pinterest to guide your creative mind.

Happy Painting!



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