Face Down Your Inner Procrastinator


As I journey on the career path of working from home, unique challenges arise, permitting my inner procrastinator opportunity to present “justifiable” reasons for postponing work until the following day.

It starts with enjoying the morning routine: sipping coffee and quiet time, exercise and getting ready for the day. Each of these you wish to enjoy to the fullest.

Next, you follow social media and enter in two-hour phone conversations. Not wishing to be rude nor behind in the times, you while away the hours before the computer and phone.

Then, to the “Marthas” and “Monicas”, you begin to think of household projects you now have time to do. Spring-cleaning and laundry, gardening and redecorating; the list goes on and on.

Thus, you break out the To-Do lists and schedules, believing that no one can complete everything without pretty charts and graphs, which highlight your intense organization skills.

After admiring your finished work of efficiency, you convince yourself to enjoy the outdoors, wishing to take full advantage of the beautiful weather.

Before you know it, the end of the day has arrived and yet, you have not completed any work.

These distractions may seem innocent, but ultimately zap creativity, time and your will to accomplish anything.

Charles Dickens once said, “Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.”[i]

In the occupation of working from home, time is your biggest asset and in order to be successful, you must protect it with focus and discipline.

Curtailing this spiral has led me to develop several tools to avoid procrastination.

Goal/Vision sheet.

Developing your vision for the job you wish to complete, while working from home, will sharpen your focus and enable you to achieve.

To-Do lists.

To-Do lists are beneficial in keeping you organized and prioritized.

Do not spend excessive amounts of time on making this list pretty; it is only for utility and efficiency.

Eliminate things that will waste your time, and in all honesty, you know you will never finish. Without these extra things, your To-Do list will seem less overwhelming.


Above all else, keeping a schedule has eliminated the stress of getting everything done through seeing it on paper.

Carving time out for things, you enjoy, whether it be exercise and social media, enjoying the outdoors or completing projects, it will provide you with necessary breaks throughout the day.

Now you are on your way to facing down your inner procrastinator.

Madam F

Copyright © 2014 SarahHardy. All Rights Reserved.

[i] http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/procrastination

Photo Credit: http://www.someecards.com/usercards/viewcard/MjAxMS0xYmI2YWI1NjQ2Y2UxYTJj


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