Hiking in the Night


A warm summer night of clear starry skies awaited us as my husband and I went on a nighttime hike in the wilderness with some friends.

At the beginning we trekked through tall grass, minimal rock slides and experienced the occasional breeze that led me to believe this hike would be effortless.

However, as a novice hiker I was proven wrong as we reached a crossroads.

At this point, we decided to take a short cut that would lead to a cave, but would be more taxing on the body.

This short cut was a nature-made fissure that required the hiker to place one foot in front of the other and allows momentum to propel you forward.

Upon reaching the cave, we ducked in and shined our flash lights around. Bats were not the animal to greet us but a coiled diamond back positioned a few feet away. As we surveyed the creature, one of our friends remarked that a diamond back could spring up to five feet from where he was laying. Noting this, our cave adventure came to an end.

As we reached the top, we were welcomed by sweeping views of city lights. The stunning picture of constellations and shooting stars painted a picture of God’s masterpiece.

This view made the arduous hike and encounter with our scaly friend worthwhile and memorable.


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