Sequan Peak & Me


Despite my dislike of hiking, I decided to climb Sequan Peak with my husband.

When you observe the trail from the road, it appears undemanding, with its short distance of two miles, the clear path observed and your excitement to conquer a mountain.

An “I can do this” mentality propelled me forward as we began the steady incline of the peak. My dislike of hiking was based on believing that it neither offered a challenge nor a reward. This notion assisted in my underestimation of the overall challenge of this hike.

The shifting rocks, cautious footsteps and loose earth beneath you created a vortex of swirling doubts that surfaced irrational fears of falling, quitting or simply getting stuck.

As my can-do mentality waned, I reasoned I could not continue and would have stopped if it wasn’t for the encouragements of my husband.

Upon rounding the last switchback, the top of the mountain welcomed me as an old friend. The adrenaline of accomplishment overwhelmed as I crawled onto the topmost boulder.

Looking over the surrounding canyons, I marveled at the array of colors, diverse vegetation and breathtaking views; all of which were the handiwork of the almighty God.

The joy I felt in conquering that mountain uprooted my previous aversion to hiking and encouraged me to go on future adventures with my husband.

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