Enjoy Disneyland the S & J Way


As many of you know, Disneyland is one of my favorite places and I am excited to write that my husband and I are going today! Transferring from the role of adult to child as you ride attractions based on your favorite Disney movie, the amazing Dole Whip of the Tiki Room and the overwhelming sensation that suspends the busyness of life while you enjoy your time there.

Despite our frequent trips, my husband and I continue to be surprised by new and old things we haven’t seen: striking details on rides, sound effects unnoticed till now, even walking side by side with celebrities.

During these times, Jared and I have perfected a routine that ensures we will avoid the blistering heat, long lines and experience a magical day.

A few tips:

  1. Fast Passes:
    1. Fast Passes are free!
    2. These can be acquired by using your park ticket or annual pass, located near the ride.
    3. You can acquire two fast passes within the same hour, at the beginning of your time in either park.
    4. In the past, cast members have allowed you to ride the attraction beyond the two-hour window printed on the Fast Past ticket; however, they are becoming stricter, so just a heads up.
  2. Popular Rides with Fast Passes that sell out:
    1. Indiana Jones
    2. Space Mountain
    3. Soarin’ Over California
    4. Radiator Springs Racers (usually sells out within two hours of the Park opening.)
  3. Single Rider lines
    1. I recommend this alternative to Fast Passes due to it being a quicker option. This is available even when you have a group, but you will be split up.

Disneyland Park

  1. Arrive early.
    1. A half hour before opening may help you avoid the onslaught of traffic going to the Parks.
  2. Procure a fast pass for your favorite ride; it might be a popular choice for many.
  3. 1st Ride: Peter Pan
    1. The wait time can increase to at least forty-five minutes within an hour of the park opening. You can fly!
  4. 2nd Ride: Pirates of the Caribbean
    1. Ranging from a five to fifteen minute wait time at the beginning of the day, this ride is a must. Argh!
  5. 3rd Ride: Haunted Mansion
    1. As with Pirates, the wait time will only increase as the day goes on. Boo!
  6. Dole Whip time! You will understand once you have one 🙂
  7. Disneyland Fast Pass time:
    1. Indiana Jones. Snakes, you’re on your own!
    2. Space Mountain. Disco space party!
  8. Next Ride: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
    1. With the line primarily in the sun, I recommend you ride this attraction before the line builds and the day gets warmer. Curse you Buzz Lightyear!

Disneyland California Adventure

  1. Disneyland California Adventure Fast Pass time:
    1. Radiator Springs Racers Ka-chow!
    2. Soarin’ Over California And these little beauties.
  2. Next Ride: Toy Story Midway Mania
    1. Since this line offers little shade from the sun, it might be a good idea to do this in the beginning or end of the day. To infinity and beyond!
  3. Animation Academy:
    1. Become an artist! (and escape the sweltering heat)
  4. Beast’s Library:
    1. Find out which Disney character you are.
  5. Ursula’s Grotto:
    1. By giving your voice to Ursula, you have the chance to act or sing in your favorite Disney movie.
  6. By this time, we play it by ear!




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