Lions, and Tigers, and Fears; Oh my!


Lions, Tigers, and Bears; Oh my! A common quote from the beloved film, Wizard of Oz, is spoken by Dorothy and her friends as they continue along the yellow brick road: “Lions, and tigers, and bears; Oh my!”[i] The scene holds a comical undertone as it depicts their increasing fear of going deeper into the forest. Their worries start out small, as they observe the increasing darkness around them. But as they continue to worry about what they might encounter, fear takes hold and causes them to overreact at the simplest thing: meeting the cowardly lion who ends up being their friend and traveling companion.

Taking this quote one step further and adapting it to our everyday lives: the lions and tigers and fears of our lives, can take hold and squash what we know to be true and realistic. This runs deeper than “doing” something afraid. It’s allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you onto new adventures, whether it is meeting with someone for coffee, leaving a sure career for a vision God has placed in your heart, and completely jumping out of your “comfort zone” (whatever that might be).

As Dorothy, the Tin Man and Scarecrow continued down the yellow brick road, they knew the end result of their plight would be rewarding. We as Christians are called to follow God’s amazing plan for our lives that will lead to an eternal reward. I urge you to embrace the exciting adventures, despite their “scariness”, that He has in store for you; they are preparing you for eternity with Him.

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