Wanderlust Indulgences: Ghana


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Travels with a purpose. Tenderhearted children. Throwback to a culture that is equally unique and unforgettable.

Spending three months in Accra, Ghana was a tremendous missions trip I will never forget.

I had the opportunity to teach children basic schooling. Coming from nothing, and therefore expecting nothing, these children were tenderhearted and grateful. They knew nothing of privilege, yet their appreciation of life outmeasured many who have been given the world.

I also volunteered with children who were taken in off the streets, by the local Ghanaian family I lived with during my trip. Their heartbreaking stories quickly brushed aside my incessant need for more.

Unlike many travels, where we go to experience the sites and the people in a touristic way, this trip taught me the importance of appreciating what you have. A teaching moment that will last a lifetime.

Madam F.

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Wanderlust Indulgences: J’Adore Paris


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Paris captured my heart the moment I watched Aristocats, at the age of eight. The romantic blend of accordion and Maurice Chevalier kindled a wanderlust that began a desire to see this lovely city. Over time and study, this love grew into a deep appreciation for its culture, corner bistros and of course, the Eiffel Tower.

Where fashion has surpassed the unthinkable, ideals have been stretched in its featured art, and the ability to explore with all five senses is enough to invite even the unlikeliest to travel, to this lovely city of lights.

Madam F.

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Wanderlust Indulgences in Picture & Print


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Wanderlust: Intriguing to the one who loves to be everywhere at once.

Adventurous: Enticing to the one who dares to live unlike any other by traveling the road less traveled.

Explorer: Captivating to the one who grew up with one hand on a globe and the other covering their eyes, while pointing to countries at random.

Unique histories and cultures, interesting languages and people, all promising moments of anticipation, inspiration and perspective. In the following Monday blog posts, we will explore various parts of the world where I have traveled and would love to visit. You may be surprised by what this beautiful world has to offer if you dare to see it.

Madam F.

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The Visionary and The Realist


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Being married to a visionary holds a variety of possibilities that surpass the contained mind of this realist. Thinking into the future can be frightening to one who loves to create lists and set high goals.

Unlike the realist who expects to accomplish every goal, regardless of its impossible time span or nature of that goal, the visionary can focus and achieve, as well as forgive missteps.

Similar to yesterday’s post on stereotypes and titles, the individual who identifies as a “realist” is not only limiting themselves in the eyes of society, but also in their own eyes. Fear of not being enough, which is according to their own standards, consumes them. These flawed standards are a perfectionist, almost Utopian, mindset that will produce disappointment and dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, the individual who identifies with being a “visionary” possesses a limitless identity. This outlook will lead not only to accomplished goals but will also guarantee a confident embrace of human error.

In stating this, consider who you want to be. Personally, the visionary seems more appealing.

Madam F.

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Habits in the Midst of Chaos


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With many things in life, we develop methods and routines. The way we brush our teeth and get ready for the day, and so on. With a world
of chaos ensuing around us, these habits are an automatic response
of longing for consistency.

From a young age, self-reliance develops habits and in turn, creates an idealized notion that if we do everything we should, then nothing will go wrong.

This goes without saying, but we have no control; regardless of our constant habits. Traffic and natural disasters, blackouts and out of stock items; these and more contribute to this circus of life.

Instead of trusting in our habits and methods, there is One you can place your whole trust in. Jesus is a God of consistency and peace. These two attributes we are striving for, are indeed, promised in a life with Christ.

This world will continue to be a slew of disorder and your life will never be perfect. Regardless of what some religious leaders claim, God will not remove all of your problems and neither can you. However, you can rest in the fact that Jesus is bigger than the issues of life.

He has overcome this chaos.

Madam F.

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Stereotypes and Society


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A couple weeks ago, my brother-in-law and I were talking on this subject. That conversation sparked this thought. With the sweeping declarations of titles, consider the following post.

Society has saddled individuals with traits and ideals that
have stereotypically evolved with the passing of time. However, unlike
this progression of time, stereotypes have remained static.

Men and women claim titles, based on their beliefs and desires,
personal experiences and life in general. However, many fail to
realize that they are limiting themselves to a stereotype associated
with that title.

These individuals place a limitation on themselves by claiming a title that society is expecting them to fulfill.
This includes those who claim their individuality and say they couldn’t care less about what society will say. Regardless of the “hipster mindset” you attempt to uphold, society will view you through its jaded perspective.

Why would you limit yourself to a title of presupposed stereotypes when you can embrace who God created you to be?

Madam F

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Our Journey Awaits


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A journey, adventure and a puzzle characterize marriage and/or being in a relationship. These three titles hold a similar undertone: New. Unfortunately, the monotony of life chips away the newness of a relationship. The mystery of it all fades as habits and personalities become second nature between you and your spouse/significant other.

Regardless of this truth, the newness of experiences does not necessarily have to wear off with years together.

In order to experience new things, you as the couple have to create limitless possibilities for yourselves.

A part from the standard venue of a date night, consider ideas that are out of the ordinary. The possibilities are endless, regardless of the size of your bank account.

Reasons You Should Do This

  • New Experiences – Whom else would you rather gain new experiences with than your spouse/significant other?
  • Mastery of Saving Money – When thinking outside of the box, new adventures might cost more than dinner and a movie. However, the result will be worth it!
  • Grow Closer to Each other – How can you not grow closer together when experiencing something like the running of the bulls or riding a subway for the first time? Imagine the stories you will have and the sites you will see!
  • Turn Your “Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve” to “We did it!” – Whoever said creating goals was a solo effort? As a couple, you will turn your wants and desires for adventure into reality.

Things Holding You Back

  • Budget Costs – For some, date nights and bucket list items may be out of your price range. But do not allow this to hamper future expeditions. Instead of wasting money on the usual things of the present, save up!
  • Time Frames – As with budget costs, your time frame may not allow for some date ideas and bucket list items. Plan! (Even if it is 10yrs in advance.) The anticipation will make the “date” even more special for you are your love.
  • Impossible Expectations – The hazard with creating lists can sometimes be overwhelming. Be realistic when you are thinking out-of-the-box. If it is your lifelong goal to travel to the moon ($155 million round trip), then you might need to consider your income, and so on.

“Let the Fates Decide” (Date Jar)


My sister in law and her husband gave me the idea to pick dates from a “Date Jar”. This nifty plan changes up their dates, as well as ensuring the anticipation for new experiences.

“The Zealous Planner” (Lists)


Making bucket and date lists are perfect for the individual/couple who loves organization. If you fancy bullet points, then creating checklists is the perfect formula for you to try out. Unexpected experiences can still happen for the detail-oriented planner.

“The Artist” (Creative Monthly Dates)


Putting in the effort will guarantee the accomplished result. Imagine beyond the ordinary pen and paper and utilize different components. This will make the finished product appealing to the eye and will display your creativity. Consider the success of Marshall and Lily’s betting box on the tv show, How I Met Your Mother. Their wagers (both ridiculous and genius) spiced up their marriage.

“The Goal-Oriented” (Deadline/Plan)


The Deadline Approach is perfect for the individual/couple who have difficulty with finishing things. Setting a deadline will put the fire under you to experience new things that you have wanted to do as a couple but have not done in the past.

If you run out of ideas, here are some great resources:



Your journey is waiting.

Madam F.

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